Recent Events

Summer Camp

Our August camp 2018 was once again near Ringwood in the New Forest. In lovely weather we enjoyed plenty of outdoor activity, including a new venture - raft building on the lake. Our Bible studies took us through the Book of Zechariah - an imaginative approach communicated this little-known book well with the children and young people. All in all it was one of our best camps ever !

Abbotts Park Tennis

We are grateful once again to the Council for allowing us free use of two tennis courts in Abbotts Park for our Tennis Week during August 2018. We leafleted the local streets and 47 children came along. We taught basic tennis skills and umpired matches, but perhaps the greatest gain of the week was the forming of good relationships with so many children and parents, many of whom we had never met before.

Holiday Bible Club

Once again a team from Child Evangelism Fellowship of Northern Ireland joined us to run a week-long children's Holiday Bible Club. We began with a Sunday afternoon 'Picnic in the Park' where we played games and gave out advertising leaflets. Then each day Monday-Friday we had games in the Park in the morning and a club back at the church in the afternoon. We kept everything going in spite of the oppressive heat, and everyone enjoyed themselves. There were also a combined churches' Prayer Meeting, a Parents' LEGO Challenge evening, and (most encouraging of all) probably the most impressive Teenage Barbecue Night that we have ever run. Overall the week was exhausting, but very worth while !

Lunch Club Garden Party

On July 19th 2018 the Thursday Lunch Club rounded off a very happy year with a Garden Party at the Manse. On a lovely day that turned out to be not too hot we sang hymns, listened to some musical items and heard an epilogue about what is important 'Under the Sun'. We then all enjoyed an afternoon tea and relaxed together in a very pleasant atmosphere. Two of the church's young people contributed to what was all round a very nice afternoon.


A first for us were the two LEGO days we ran with Child Evangelism Fellowship in the February half-term of 2018. A lot of children and young people came in and enjoyed afternoons of fun, with a Bible story and food. We were so pleased to meet some people we didn't know.

Pancake Party

Pancake Party February 13th 2018. Once again an all-age crowd came together for a noisy evening of food and fun. There were pancakes and pancake races, a quiz, a silly game and music from the young peoples' Band and Recorder Group. John Glenham - an old friend of the church - gave an excellent epilogue to round off a really good evening. We thank God for this important part of the church's outreach programme.

Christmas Celebrations

Christmas 2017 was a joyful celebration at our church. In our preaching we looked at some of our most cherished Christmas traditions, focussing on those that can be traced right back to the Biblical story of the first Christmas. We celebrated this with a lot of carol singing, several food-based events, a Christmas party and a children's Christmas play. We were encouraged to be able to reach out to so many people, we had a lot of fun, and, above all, we thanked God once again for the birth of Jesus.


Harvest 2017 went really well! We visited the area round the church with leaflets, making contact with a lot of our neighbours. On the Saturday evening we held a fun 'International Evening' involving food, song, music, a quiz and an epilogue. Lots of people came; some we believe coming to an event like that for the first time. The following day our Harvest Thanksgiving service was joyful, and included the children acting out the story of Ruth in front of a large display of donated food.

We all enjoyed our Harvest celebrations, as well as valuing the money we raised for a baby incubator project in Ghana, with the food going to the Mill Grove children's Home in Woodford." .

Easter Celebrations

At our church Easter begins with a breakfast and communion service on Good Friday, followed by some local visitation to invite neighbours to come and celebrate Easter with us. That evening we showed the film 'Set Apart' which communicated very effectively the power of God to transform for good the lives of struggling young people.

On Easter Sunday we held an all-age celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus. There was a very joyful atmosphere and we were pleased to welcome many visitors to church. Afterwards we brought our Easter activities to a triumphal conclusion as we held a short open-air meeting on the steps of the church - we wanted the world to see just how much our Easter faith means to us !

Particular Baptist Fund

To thank the Particular Baptist Fund for paying for our church’s commercial dishwasher we made a presentation at their Members’ Meeting on Wednesday April 19th 2017. Afterwards a Church Representative asked if the photographs and accompanying text used in the presentation could be made available online."

Abbotts Park Football

Working with Christ Church Leyton we have run another excellent series of 6 sessions of football training in Abbotts Park for local children. As a result we seem to have become well-known among families and the local community. We have been encouraged that a teenage boy has been coming to church because of this contact with us

See our Coming Soon page for details of the next session

Leyton Orient v Dagenham & Redbridge

Once again, our Abbotts Park footballers, their families and helpers were on the receiving end of kind generosity from Leyton Orient Football Club - free tickets to watch their home game against Dagenham & Redbridge. Orient had a good first half and after 2 goals from Jay Simpson went into the break with a 2-0 lead, but Dagenham & Redbridge fought back and within 15 minutes of the restart the scores were level at 2-2. 'Here we go again' the thoughts of every Orient fan! However in the 65th minute Orient's Armand Gnanduillet slotted the ball right footed into the goal and the O's managed to hang on to their lead until the final whistle. It was an exciting game - the final score Leyton Orient 3-2 Dag & Redbridge.

We had a great time and as ever our thanks go to Leyton Orient for the tickets.


On Bank Holiday Monday 4th May 2015 young people and adults from Monday Club caught the bus to Chingford. We walked to the Queen Elizabeth Hunting Lodge for a picnic and then on to Connaught Water. In lovely weather we rambled on through Epping Forest to High Beach and then to Loughton, from where we caught another bus home. We found plenty of logs to scramble on, trees to climb and a stream to play in. People were impressed at having walked just over five miles and having enjoyed such a good day out enjoying God's Creation.

Friday Club Rifle Shooting

Friday Club enjoyed an afternoon trip to Gilwell Park on Saturday April 18th 2015, where we tried out air rifles on their shooting range. We all enjoyed it, and a few even managed to hit the target ! Much more importantly we built up good relationships in a healthy and fun atmosphere, complementing the regular spiritual witness of the Club.