Our Faith

Our church is a living family of people who know and love the Lord Jesus Christ, and who try to share His love with others. We want to be based on the Bible in all that we do. We try to be joyful, reverent, prayerful, concerned for the world around us, welcoming, caring and relevant. We emphasise evangelistic outreach and we support the Grace Baptist Mission [gbm.org.uk] and other missionary organisations.

When you visit us we hope that you will find that we are all of these things and, above all, loving. When you leave we would like you to take home with you a real sense of having been in the presence of God... and we hope that you will want to come back again!

The church bases its beliefs on the London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689 and the Baptist Affirmation of Faith 1966. Please download our articles of faith and our church rules to see exactly what we believe and how we run.

Ethical issues are complex, but in general the church and its members are guided by our statement of Christian ethics.

We are members of both the Association of Grace Baptist Churches (South East) [agbcse.org.uk] and the Grace Baptist Assembly [gracebaptistassembly.org.uk], and work closely with other reformed Baptist Churches in our area.

Worship service

Sunday morning worship service

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