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By Pastor William Randall

2 Peter
We looked at 1 Peter in our morning services over the winter of 2011 / 2012. Reaching a natural break-point in Isaiah in our Sunday evening studies during the late summer of 2012 we decided to cover this short but very relevant letter before returned to the Old Testament.
A series begun in May 2018 and taking us through 'Acts of the Apostles'.
Angels in the Christmas story
For Christmas 2011 we look at the four occasions in the Christmas story where angels appear: God intervenes in a wonderful way in the lives of ordinary men and women !
Christmas Customs
A series of four Sermons preached in December 2017. Each week we discuss non-Biblical Christmas traditions - we are free to follow them if we wish, providing they do not become a snare to us. Each Sermon then goes on to deal with a Christmas tradition which can be traced directly back to the Biblical account of the first Christmas.
Easter 2017
This series contains just the one message preached on Easter Sunday.
Easter mini-series 2014
Leading up to Easter 2014 we focused on the first eight verses of 1 Corinthians chapter 15.v1-8 .
A series on the life of the prophet Elijah begun in March 2020. Much of this series was preached during the time that the church was closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic - Sermons were recorded at the Manse and then put up on the website for church mdembers to listen to at home.
A series begun in May 2016. We first look at the city of Ephesus in the Bible, before going passage by passage through Paul's famous letter.
Working through the Book of Exodus, starting in April 2014.
He will be called ............
For Christmas 2015 we took the text of Isaiah 9:6 . After saying: 'To us a child is born, to us a son is given', the verse continues: 'He will be called ...'. Each week of December we look at one of the four descriptions of Jesus that follow.
A series on the Old Testament Book of Hosea, begun in March 2019 .
How do we cope with....
A topical series begun in September 2019 in which we look each week at an issue with which Christians in Britain today need to contend. Each week we relate the issue to a passage of Scripture, trying to give practical advice and a pattern to follow for believers today.
How they celebrated Christmas
A series for Christmas 2019 looking at the beaviour of various people in the Christmas story: each time we ask what it has to say to us today.
Systematically preaching through Isaiah. The series began in October 2010; sermons recorded here date from December 2011 onwards.
Matthew's Gospel
Systematically preaching through Matthew's Gospel. The series began in December 2009; one sermon was recorded here for test purposes in July 2011, the rest date from February 2012 onwards.
Mister men and Little misses
A series of Family Service messages preached during the school Summer Holidays 2018, and based on Derek Prime's book Gofors and Grumps.
Starting in May 2013 we did a series on Philippians at our evening services as a natural break to our studies in Isaiah.
Places in the Christmas Story
A mini-series preached during December 2014 looking at places in the Christmas story: Nazareth, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, ... and Heaven !
Preparing for Christmas
A series of five sermons preached in December 2013, looking at the attitudes of individuals in the Christmas story, and helping us all to have the right attitude as we celebrate Christmas once again.
We began a series on the Old Testament Book of Proverbs in June 2017 .
A topical series that looks at the four Biblical pictures of salvation, rounding off with a practical look at how salvation worked out on the day of Pentecost. Series preached in October and November 2011.
Songs of Christmas
For Christmas 2016 we looked at the four songs recorded in Luke's Gospel chapters 1 and 2. About 400 years after the time of Jesus, Jerome of Bethlehem translated the entire Bible from Hebrew and Greek into Latin. This was then the main language of the western part of the Roman Empire and so the translation became known as the 'Vulgate' (or 'Common') translation. The four songs of our series are all known by their first words in Latin from the Vulgate translation. They are the: 'Magnificat', 'Benedictus', 'Gloria and 'Nunc Dimittis'. Each has so much to tell us about how to celebrate Christmas !
Spiritual Gifts
The subject of Spiritual Gifts came up when we preached on Ephesians 4:11 in our series on the letter to the Ephesians. When that series finished in May 2017 we returned to the subject for a brief series covering the various lists of Spiritual Gifts in the New Testament.
The Apostle Paul's Christmas
For Christmas 2012 we decided to look at 5 verses in the letters of the Apostle Paul which comment on the meaning of the first coming to earth of the Son of God.
What we believe
A series begun in May 2015 in which we look at Systematic Theology. In each sermon we cover various doctrines (including the 'Five Points of Calvinism') before looking at a related Bible passage.
What we do in church
During the school summer holidays 2016 the Sunday School teachers took a rest and the children stayed in church for the whole of our morning service. We took an all-age approach, where the whole service was given over to a series looking at 6 things that we do in church.

By Mr Maurice Titmarsh

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By various speakers

1 John
A series of 4 sermons delivered by men from St. Helens Bishopsgate in November 2012, and then completed by William Randall.
1 Kings 16-20
A series of 4 sermons delivered by men from St. Helens Bishopsgate in March 2015
1 Peter
In November 2011 the visiting team of trainee preachers from St. Helens Bishopsgate asked to cover the middle part of the first letter of the Apostle Peter. Accordingly, William Randall and visiting speaker Steve Ball of Child Evangelism Fellowship introduced the book during October 2011; the sermons recorded here cover the latter part of the book, and were preached in January and February 2012.
A series of four sermons from Ezekiel chapters 36 and 37 given during November 2013 by preachers from St. Helens, Bishopsgate, London.
Once per year the preachers' training course from St. Helens's Church, Bishopsgate comes to preach a 4-part series. This year they chose to do the book of Jonah. Unfortunately the first sermon did not record properly.
No Series
Sermons in this category do not form part of a series.
Special events
Items catalogued here are 'one off' special events that don't belong in one of the other series.
The Apostle John's Christmas
A series for Christmas 2018. We look at what the Apostle John says about Christmas in his Gospel, his 3 letters and the book of Revelation.
Topical discussions
Various sermons about occasional, one-off subjects.